1. Edith Olivier (1872–1948), First Lady Mayor of Wilton (1939-1940). Rex Whistler (British, 1905-1944). Oil on canvas, 66.5 x 49 cm. Wilton Town Council.

    Olivier was a minor British novelist who served as the mayor of Wilton. While in her 50’s she met and befriended a then 19-year-old Rex Whistler. She was a confidant and hostess and her house became a refuge for many artists and writers in the 1930’s, including Siegfried Sassoon, Osbert Sitwell, and Cecil Beaton.

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    Edith Olivier (1872–1948), First Lady Mayor of Wilton (1939-1940). Rex Whistler (British, 1905-1944). Oil on canvas,...
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    I hope one day to look as dignified.
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