1. The Penitent Magdalen (c.1750). Corrado Giaquinto (Italian, 1703–1766). Oil on canvas. MMOA.

    Giaquinto shows Mary Magdalen dressed as penitent (around her chest she wears a cilice, or penitential hairshirt), her gaze focused on the gesturing angel and the crown of thorns displayed by a cherub. The picture was painted for Cardinal Mario Bolognetti (1690-1756) in Rome. Giaquinto was the foremost decorative fresco painter in Italy after Tiepolo, but this moving work shows him no less a master of religious painting.

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    The Penitent Magdalen (c.1750). Corrado Giaquinto (Italian, 1703–1766). Oil on canvas. MMOA. Giaquinto shows Mary...
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