1. The Golden Train. Edmund Blair Leighton (English, Pre-Raphaelite, 1853-1922). Oil on panel. 

    The correct title for this picture is “Lui sa ‘aime elle suit,” which translates as “After her love she follows.” It was probably inspired by the interior at 14 Priory Road, Bedford Park, the house and studio to which the artist moved in 1889, two years before he painted this picture. According to the artist’s granddaughter, the house was replete with richly coloured paneling and Persian carpets. 

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    The Golden Train. Edmund Blair Leighton (English, Pre-Raphaelite, 1853-1922). Oil on panel. The correct title for this...
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    One of my all time favourite artists. DeviantART prints community is asking If you could study under any Artist or...
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