1. Countess Julie von Woyna (1832). Friedrich von Amerling (Austrian, 1803-1887). Oil on canvas. Neue Galerie am Landesmuseum Joanneum, Graz, Austria.

    Amerling’s portrait of Countess Julie von Woyna, later von Benedek by marriage, is an outstanding example of Biedermeier portraiture. Following her legacy of 1895, Countess von Benedek became one of the most prominent patrons of the Neue Galerie. 

    Countess Julie’s coiffure has a braided bun instead of an Apollo knot and her dress has a lovely lace bertha and epaulettes in this Amerling. The Countess is exceptionally charming, with her dreamy air. This portrait benefits from the somewhat cool presentation.

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    Countess Julie von Woyna (1832). Friedrich von Amerling (Austrian, 1803-1887). Oil on canvas. Neue Galerie am...
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